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Bridge Connect

Sparking Business Evolution & Prosperity

BRIDGE CONNECT is a cornerstone of our systems control methodology. Designed to give you a deep understanding of what asset management is costing you each year, we can help you contain costs through several easy to adopt measures that may include hardware consolidation and optimization.

Seamless migration, extraction, and data transformation utilizing AI

  • Electronic File Migration/Integration Tools
  • Full data integration into your systems for human-readable copies
  • Easy, unified, and robust custom export
  • Data/metadata integration
  • Massive Text File Support
  • Cognitive Services (reads handwriting, translates foreign languages)
  • Query execution including full text and picture search/classification
Kingsbridge Technologies (6)
  • Automatically upload invoices submitted via email or other electronic means
  • Classify invoice types and quickly identify duplicate invoices
  • Decrease the cost to process an invoice and automate repetitive manual activities
  • Ensure invoice accuracy using mathematical validation
  • Flag inconsistencies and review only errors identified by KBT, not the entire invoice
  • Process foreign-language invoices easily with multi-language processing
  • Increase operational visibility and optimize cash flow
  • Boost productivity to process increased volumes without adding staff
  • Confirm that all discounts are applied
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