Document Analytics – Data to Page

Every document that’s created potentially represents a task that could have been done in a different, cheaper way.

Cost Control

Every document that’s created potentially represents a task that could have been done in a different, cheaper way.

Workflow Optimization

Pinpoint the inefficiencies in your processes, simplify and optimize them according to your business priorities.

Storage Optimization

Help predict device failures reducing downtimes that can have adverse impact on operations and thereby profits.

Paperless Transformation

Devices are just tools in people’s hands. What you really need to know is how they’re using those tools, and why.

“Document analytics helps you identify manual, paper-intensive processes that could be simplified or automated to reduce costs, conserve resources and save time. It shows you the difference between “good paper” – essential printing- and “bad paper,” which should be avoided.”

It reveals what becomes of printed documents at the end of their useful life, and how much of your print output ends up being filed, archived or recycled. Document analytics illustrates the role that printed documents, and their associated processes, play in your organization. You can look at the data at the organizational level, or drill down to individual departments or business processes, to understand how you use printing in each of your workflows.

Analytics Makes a Better Business

Kingsbridge Technologies shows you how you can use real-time analytics to become more efficient and waste fewer resources so you can make better management decisions and embark on some smart improvement initiatives.

Not so long ago, the rise of the connected office was thought to bring about what would be a paperless society. Despite the best intentions to reduce paper consumption and to conserve energy, printing has

I'm sure that you have heard countless definitions of what digital transformation means. Generally, it is defined as the integration of digital technology into all areas of your business, fundamentally changing how you operate and

In the next 12 months, millions on millions of dollars will be risked on a significant digital transformation project. Of a survey of 450 CIOs, 52% said that a majority of their current projects where

If you partner up with an analytics-focused print management company, you can get the most out of your company’s printing practices. They will be able to provide data-driven solutions to meet your printing needs while