Helping shape tomorrows business goals using advanced data analytics

Kingsbridge Technologies, a Division of Kingsbridge Holdings, LLC, is a business analytics company that focuses on corporate growth through visibility and efficiency gained by understanding device, document, process, and user data.

With clients in a variety of industries, we have solutions that can help you derive meaning from your digital information, in order to make better business decisions. Kingsbridge technologies is a global provider of consulting, print management, data management, and business process management services to several fortune 500 companies.

Locally Known, Globally Influential…
The modern corporate dilemma is what to do with all of its data. Data that comes from both internal and external sources. Data must be collected, structured and then analyzed if it is to be of any use to your company. Kingsbridge Technologies, a data analytics company can help you derive meaning from data, in order to make better business decisions.

Kingsbridge Technologies can help you simplify and automate your workflows and reshape your processes so they’re truly aligned with your business priorities. And that means tomorrow will be better than today. Kingsbridge Technology uses a partnership approach. We are a long-term, reliable resource, that can provide continuing value as your company grows.


Kingsbridge Holdings, LLC manages total assets in excess of $420 MM with total original equipment cost financed in their portfolio to approximately $600 MM. Be assured we have the ability to meet the threshold regarding funding and provide a superior experience when dealing with the complexities of ever-changing deals.

The Kingsbridge team has been able to grow by providing its customers with unsurpassed customer service and transaction decision timing. With the view that every transaction requires customized attention, the firm’s ability to bring superior structuring and transaction management solutions to its customers has made Kingsbridge a go-to source for leasing solutions in the Industrial, Healthcare, Technology and General Equipment spaces.

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