Our asset-based analytics services provide support for strategic planning, delivers tactical value, and creates a competitive advantage, the ultimate goal to transform data into actionable information.

With clients in a variety of industries, Kingsbridge Technologies has proven solutions that can help you derive meaning from your digital information, in order to make better business decisions. We are a global provider of print, data and business process management services that utilize business analytics to enable proactive decision making. Switch from reacting to situations to anticipating them.

The numbers don’t lie…

Our clients have the ability to make decisions that are based upon actionable real-time data.

Your company is made up of very different parts and you need them to be able to run efficiently. By gathering, structuring and communicating your data, Kingsbridge Technologies can help you better control your devices (printers, copiers, MFP), understand your digital infrastructure, see the efficiency of your workforce, and create streamlined systems and processes.

Device Analytics

Global View Across Devices

Help predict device failures reducing downtimes that can have adverse impact on operations and thereby profits.
Document Analytics

From Data to Page

Every document that’s created potentially represents a task that could have been done in a different, cheaper way.
User Analytics

People, Behaviors + Trends

Devices are just tools in people’s hands. What you really need to know is how they’re using those tools, and why.
Process Analytics

Digital + Automated Workflows

Pinpoint the inefficiencies in your processes, simplify and optimize them according to your business priorities.