People, Behaviors + Trends

User analytics helps you understand how users interact with systems, looking for insights to increase proficiency, while increasing customer satisfaction.

Identify cost savings

Devices are just tools in people’s hands. What you really need to know is how they’re using those tools, and why.

Security implications

Pinpoint the inefficiencies in your processes, simplify and optimize them according to your business priorities.

Automation potential

Every document that’s created potentially represents a task that could have been done in a different, cheaper way.

Educate with best practices

Help predict device failures reducing downtimes that can have adverse impact on operations and thereby profits.

“User analytics helps you understand how users (employees, customers, end-users) interact with systems (devices or business protocol) looking for insights to increase proficiency. Data can be collected from either mechanical sources, input devices, or through interviews and used to identify behaviors and trends that are leading to waste.”

Gain insights that will unlock new ways to share or allocate costs, such as chargebacks at departmental level or individual level. Fully understand the security implications of document production- such as when, where and by whom confidential records could be distributed- and make sure your security policies are followed. Explore the potential of automation to optimize the way people print. Educate your people, teams and business functions about printing best practices. Continuously monitor your printing to make sure your savings, safeguards, processes and teachings have taken root.

Analytics Makes a Better Business

Kingsbridge Technologies shows you how you can use real-time analytics to become more efficient and waste fewer resources so you can make better management decisions and embark on some smart improvement initiatives.

Device Analytics refers to information collected about the frequency of use, type of use, number of people using, maintenance, repairs, and supplies needed for a particular piece of equipment.

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