Advantages of Partnering with an Analytics-Focused Print Management Company

As more pressure is put on businesses and IT professionals to increase efficiency, reduce costs and shore up security, they need to consider outside help to meet demands. One option that can bring benefits but often goes unnoticed is print management. If you partner up with an analytics-focused print management company, you can get the most out of your company’s printing practices. They will be able to provide data-driven solutions to meet your printing needs while helping pad the bottom line.

From baseline assessments to accurate usage tracking, here’s what a first-rate, data-based print management company can do for your business.

Assess Business Initiatives

What are your company’s goals when it comes to office management? If you wish to reduce waste, eliminate errors, increase security or implement privacy measures, this can all be achieved through print technology. Print management services can monitor the volume of ink and paper use to help optimize printing practices. Since many printing devices operate on a network these days, they can also set up security protocols so any sensitive information can’t be accessed remotely. Whatever you hope to achieve regarding increasing efficiency in the office, effective print management can help you reach those targets.

Overview of Print-Related Invoices

Do you know how much your current printing practices are costing your business? It’s more than just paper and toner. All of this printing comes at a great cost to businesses. According to the Gartner Group, office printing represents between 1% and 3% of a company’s annual revenue. That means that a business with a yearly revenue of $10 million spends between $100,000 and $300,000 just in printing. All of this is hard to imagine when you consider that the rationale behind the implementation of a digital transformation plan was to reduce costs. Equipment purchases, along with costs related to maintenance, repairs, and software licensing, are also included. A good print management company will have the infrastructure in place to track these costs, analyze the data, and come up with a better model for your business to follow. They may also offer to consolidate many of these services in a package tailored to your company. The data collection results in accurate usage measurements that can make billing and invoices a breeze. Since you’re dealing with one provider, it gives you fewer things to worry about when it comes to the function of your devices.

Evaluate Your Office’s Print Environment

One of the critical services performed by an analytics-focused print management company is to construct a baseline assessment of your office’s print environment. This test includes mapping out every printing device and tracking their use, including the volume of paper and ink used, the number of employees using them, how frequently the print, and other factors. With this information, they can determine how much your print environment is costing you on a monthly, quarterly and yearly basis. Also, the data can be used to find inefficiencies, which can be the basis of recommendations for improving your office’s printing practices such as consolidating to multi-function devices or setting up a cloud network to be eco-friendlier.

Analytics Make a Better Business

Analytics-based printing practices can boost your business. Kingsbridge Technologies will walk you through the use of real-time analytics to increase productivity and consume fewer resources so you can allocate your energy to strategic decisions and embark on smart improvement initiatives. Contract these services and meet your business management goals today.