At some point or another, business printing got complicated.

Every business has a budget. And if you’re ever looking at your budget thinking: where does all the money go? You might need to look into business analytics for your company. This term encompasses data collected from scrutinizing every aspect of your business operations. One item on your budget that’s also part of this data collection is device analytics. But what does this mean and how will it improve your bottom line? Let’s find out.

What Are Device Analytics?
Device Analytics refers to information collected about the frequency of use, type of use, number of people using, maintenance, repairs, and supplies needed for a particular piece of equipment. When it comes to your office, these appliances include printers, photocopiers, scanners, and any other multi-functional device. This data can give you valuable insight into optimizing your business operations. But amassing this kind and amount of information is not part of your job, and realistically it’s not something you would be able to track. You can’t afford to have someone stand in the copy-room tallying the prints made each month. So how do you do it?

Managed Print Services companies will take on the responsibility of analyzing your business and your needs and evaluate what devices and practices are truly needed versus what can be modified to suit the times and your budget. For example, they can suggest paperless strategies by installing devices that take advantage of cloud technology. So you can reduce the amount spent on paper but also the impact on the environment. You no longer need to print everything because multiple people can gain and maintain access across multiple devices.

How to Use Device Analytics?
Outsourcing your print management services means you get a lot of valuable information about the workings of your office. But how exactly are you going to benefit? Here a just a few ways device analytics boost your bottom-line:

  1. Increased Productivity
    Understanding how much paper you use, how often ink or toner run-out, when devices need maintenance will help you keep your team focused on important tasks not on fulfilling supply orders. It also means you’ll know when to order new supplies, accessories, or service updates without skipping a beat. Managed Print Services can also help you automate these tasks.
  2. Better Workflow
    Since your team isn’t interrupting with supply order or service repairs and delays, they can get on with business as usual. A Managed Print Service can also help you select new multi-functional devices or take full advantage of the ones you already have. For example, printer’s that offer water-marking capabilities can help you determine which prints belong to whom without having to sort through trays of sheets. They can also optimize your office to allow quick and efficient printing from any computer, so there’s no wasting time walking to and from a far-off copy-room.
  3. Reduced Downtime Costs
    Your team won’t stop functioning because of unexpected maintenance or equipment failure. Your data will reveal patterns in wear and tear and when it is time to schedule your regular maintenance before technical issues or unavoidable machine adjustments arise.
  4. Cost-Effective Equipment
    Your outsourced print management team can help you find devices that will suit your needs and enhance your office’s performance. You can find energy saving devices that standby when not in use. Saving on energy consumption is just as helpful as saving on materials. Your device analytics can also show you how using double-sided and draft printing will save ink and paper on files strictly for in-office. The data may even reflect that you have too few or too devices for your staff.

Practice business intelligence and reach out to Managed Print Services team today. They will collect all the necessary information for your unique business and show you how to use device analytics to your advantage. By modifying the way your machines operate, changing wasteful behavior, and updating your equipment, you will reduce your long-term costs while quickly increasing productivity and optimizing workflow.

Kingsbridge Technologies will help you develop a proactive approach that simplifies and automates your operations to align them with your business priorities. Save your boss, your staff, and yourself valuable time and money by switching to smarter devices or managing the ones you have in a smarter way.