True Visibility into Your Business

IQConnect Business Analytics tool gives you a global view of your people, processes, documents, and devices so that you can make better business decisions based on real-time data.

What are the advantages of using a data analytics tool like IQConnect?

“We find that most companies, with historical billing systems, are being wrongly charged an average of 30 to 40%. IQConnect business analytics automatic invoicing provides quick, detailed, real-time billing based on actual usage, not inaccurate estimates. Think about how this alone could save your business untold expense.”
Smart Decision-Making Based on Actual Data

Accessibility to important data gives companies the power to make accurate decisions that could leverage businesses. Not only does it provide useful data, it also allows companies to make decisions faster and more efficiently than before.

Clearer Insights Through Data Visualization

Data that is presented in a clear an comprehensive way is more easily understood and acted upon. The end result of any data analytics is to structure data so that it is relevant, offering insights to make better decisions.

Efficiency & Accuracy Across Your Organization

Business processes are at the core of any organization’s performance, and their efficiency is vital. Manual interventions, bottlenecks, and other issues can affect business process performance in harmful ways that are often difficult to detect.

Transparency Into Your Business Processes

IQConnect gathers information in real-time giving our clients the most up to date information about their systems. This allows you to evaluate people and processes more quickly resulting in faster more profitable results.

Research shows that more and more companies are using data insights to achieve success.

Competitive Advantage

75% say they use their data to gain an advantage over their competition.

Better Business Decisions

70% say they use their data to make more informed decisions.

Internal Reporting

63% say they use their data to more accurately report internal activity.

IQConnect business analytics is a powerful tool which offers companies three types of data analytics: Descriptive, such as dashboards, Predictive which uses past data to model future outcomes and Prescriptive which uses comparative models to help you optimize current processes. IQConnect uses these analytics disciplines to show you the benefits you can gain from streamlining your documents, users, and processes.

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Clear Data Visualization

Dashboard shows overall state of health

IQConnect business analytics dashboard which allows you to aggregate, customize and report on your data. In this example, we have gathered data from network connected printers, copiers and multi-function devices. This real-time data has been customized to display accumulated costs, machine availability, and consumables. By visualizing this information in a single view you can more accurately know actual costs and systems efficiency revealing some eye-opening insights.

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    Real-time insight into document management, device usage or user interactions

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    Access all of your device location and usage information from one place.

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    Structured information helps you make smarter, faster decisions

Global impact of analytics software

Across the world to down the hall IQConnect business analytics gives you true visibility into your operations.

We can further expand our visibility by looking at the world view screen. Here you see a top down view of all properties on your network and can see a snapshot of their health. Our system allows universal transparency aggregating data from the largest corporate networks that span the globe, to the smallest systems, with just a few machines allowing you to drill down from country… to region… to location… with ease.

The Site View gives you more granular control showing you machine locations and machine health. This screen is helpful for revealing employee usage which can identify potential cost savings, security implications and potential for process automation or optimization. When moving the cursor over a machine you are shown specific usage, cost and consumable levels for that device. More detailed information can be seen on the machine detail screen.

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Down to the Details

Top down data availability offers actionable information at the device level

Device analytics, in this example, on the device detail screen, can show you print volumes and costs: how much you’re printing, and how much you’re paying to print it. Also displayed is important information such as machine type, location, support information, leasing and or contract details. At the click of a mouse all of this data is collected and structured so that you can identify under or over utilized hardware.

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    Location data so that you can control inventory and find lost devices

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    Consolidate important information such as support contact information and insights

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    Data showing device usage gives you an actual cost, versus manufacturer estimated cost, of operating your machines.

Data to help you make better decisions

Device analytics helps you make an informed decision about the devices you really need across your business, where you need them and what resources should be allocated to them. You can also optimize the way you use your devices, to make sure none of them are over or under-utilized.

Supply Report Workflow predicts when devices need attention

One of the greatest opportunities to apply predictive analytics is the management of devices and consumables. IQConnect’s supply reporting aggregator can help you predict when a machine needs attention, showing current levels and supply history.

The Missing Device report helps you control inventory

Diagnose lost devices that have disappeared off your network. We have had customers that were paying expensive lease payments for machines that were sitting in a warehouse unused. Our QR Code based system tracks and reports on each devices location.

U.S. based support above and beyond the manufacturer

Knowing that there will always be problems to solve, we have added a ticketing and support system into the software so that all concerns can be addressed right away. Our support staff is available to you 24 /7 to answer any questions or provide any material assistance.

“Our company has grown to meet the demands of our customers. Their greatest request has been for systems that can centralize and present relevant data in a clear and comprehensive way that is more easily understood and acted upon.”

In response to this, we developed the IQConnect business analytics tool. Our software allows universal transparency, aggregating data from the largest global corporate networks, to the smallest systems, allowing our clients visibility from the highest levels down to individual machines. This has allowed our clients to simplify the management of documents, devices, and processes and to reduce the workforce and service costs associated with them.