3 Questions to Ask Your Potential Managed Print Services Company

Potential Managed Print Services Company

Are you in the market for managed print services? If your business uses an extraordinary amount of paper, you may be interested in hiring a company to control equipment, supplies, maintenance, and efficiency of your printing. Managed print services providers can cover the needs of many devices, including printers, copiers, scanners, and fax machines. They … Read more

If You’re Digital, Why So Much Paper?

If You’re Digital Why So Much Paper

Not so long ago, the rise of the connected office was thought to bring about what would be a paperless society. Despite the best intentions to reduce paper consumption and to conserve energy, printing has been increasing by 10% annually even though digital channels were growing simultaneously. One theory that may help explain this phenomenon … Read more

Digital transformation in the real world

Kingsbridge Technologies (2)

I’m sure that you have heard countless definitions of what digital transformation means. Generally, it is defined as the integration of digital technology into all areas of your business, fundamentally changing how you operate and deliver value to customers. Digital Transformation is also a cultural change that requires organizations to challenge the status quo, experiment … Read more

A New Trend in Business: The Technology Advisor

The Technology Advisor

One of the most effective ways of optimizing your business, whether you’re a startup or an established company, is by acquiring and implementing new technologies for your operations systems. Technology changes and develops at a lightning-quick pace, and it’s important to keep up if you want to increase efficiency and synergy. Adding a technology advisor … Read more

This Could Be the Least Secure Piece of Technology in Your Office

Least Secure Piece Of Technology

If you’re not worried about your office’s print security, perhaps you should be. Printers may not appear to be a security risk on the surface, but think about how they’re integrated with company computers. Most printing devices these days are connected to a network, which means they’re vulnerable to hacking. This connection could be a … Read more

Moving Beyond Data Collection into Actionable Insights

Beyond Data Collection

More businesses are beginning to comprehend the value of collecting data, but many seem to have trouble analyzing the information and generating actionable insights. There’s a strong desire for companies to be driven by data, but successfully translating data to find potential areas where action can be taken to boost business operations is challenging. It’s … Read more

At some point or another, business printing got complicated.

Portrait Of Serious Businesswoman Sitting At Desk 2

Every business has a budget. And if you’re ever looking at your budget thinking: where does all the money go? You might need to look into business analytics for your company. This term encompasses data collected from scrutinizing every aspect of your business operations. One item on your budget that’s also part of this data … Read more

What are managed print services?

What Is Print Managment

Outsourcing management of your printers to an external provider can bring real benefits to businesses of every size Traditionally, businesses would buy a range of printers, scanners and photocopiers for the different departments within the business. The IT team is generally responsible for the upkeep, like ensuring the ink and toner are stocked up, software … Read more

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